11-15 Chevrolet Cruze LS/LT Godspeed Traction S Lowering Springs

Brand: Godspeed

Part number: LS-TS-CT-0012

Godspeed Traction S Lowering Springs for the 11-15 Chevrolet Cruze LS/LT

Part Number:LS-TS-CT-0012

Godspeed Project's performance lowering springs are cold wound on coil winding machine with SAE 9254 spring wire material, one of the ideal materials available. Manufacturing Process involves steel material going through heat treatments before winding into coils, these are necessary steps in order to deliver an outstanding ultra high tensile strength and provide equal spring rates that are extremely durable in order to resist premature sagging. The end result of this process generates a spring that specifically offers improved vehicle handling and response capabilities while maintaining a very smooth yet comfortable ride experience. Each spring has been carefully precision tested and inspected in order to provide outstanding handling, response, control and balance throughout the suspension of your vehicle. These quality made performance lowering springs designed to work with OEM shocks and offer a generous drop to your vehicle while remaining at a comfortable daily ride height in order to avoid bottoming-out and clearance issues. Not only lowering your vehicle will improve vehicle handling, will also enhance overall appearance.


Drop Amount:

  • Front Drop: 1.5in
  • Rear Drop: 1.1in

Fitment: Fits 11-15 Cruze LS/LT, 2016 Cruze Limited

Customer Reviews

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Tanner M. (Ashtabula, US)
Best budget springs.

I love the fact that they weren’t super expensive and they made my car look so much better. The car handles better, feels better, and just overall looks better. If you want to stay on a budget and go lower, Godspeed is the way to go.