Tech Focus - BR Type BC Coilovers

To start things off, we are taking a look at the most popular BC Racing Coilovers suspension setup, the BC Racing Coilovers BR Type. Most people assume that since the BR Series is the entry-level / street setup, it lacks quality and performance built into the higher valued series such as the RM and ER Series. Fortunately, that is not true at all. The RM and ER Series (which will be covered in other Tech Focus pages) are simply designed for more specific uses, such as circuit and drag racing. The same quality, adjustability and durability remains throughout all the various series of the BC Racing Coilover line up.

BR Type Tech Spotlight


BC Racing Coilovers BR Type are the perfect fit for a wide range of enthusiast needs. The BR Type are well suited for daily driving, autocross, circuit racing and stanced vehicles. One of the biggest strength of the BR Series Coilover system is the ability to customize it using varied shock and spring lengths with matched valving to suit your specific needs.  One of our most popular variations is named the “extreme low” setup, which utilizes shorter shock bodies and spring sets, and will be covered in depth in a later Tech Focus.


A pillar of design for BC Racing Coilovers is to design their kits to be as near to an OEM replacement as possible. They take care to design every suspension part in a manner that not only bolts up easily in the factory location but is also easy to adjust. To achieve  this means utilizing any and all OEM mounting brackets and tabs for brake lines, wheel speed sensors, etc. What does this mean to you as the customer? Ease of installation and a suspension that will enhance handling of the vehicle instead of diminish it. The OEM suspension geometry will be kept as close to OEM as possible while allowing the adjustability you as customers have come to demand. Every BC Racing Coilover kit start with obtaining the factory OEM suspension and measurements of the vehicle. That suspension is then reverse engineered to produce a prototype kit. The OEM shocks and springs are shock dyno tested in order to determine the valving and spring rates of our default coilover configurations. Each setup is then tested on the vehicle in their facility for 6 months before it is officially released to the public for purchase


BC Racing Coilover top plates are constructed from a solid piece of 6061-T6 aluminum ensuring a lightweight and incredibly strong design that is finished in BC Racing Coilover's signature Gold. The picture above contains the 3 main top hat designs. From left to right: camber/caster plate, camber plate, and rubber top plate. Currently, the camber/caster plate is available for a very limited number of vehicles equipped with MacPherson-type suspension. If you require that type of adjustability, it is always best to check with us on availability for your specific application.


The BC Racing Coilovers camber plate is standard on all kits that can utilize them ( MacPherson style OEM suspension ). The BC Racing coilovers camber plate will allow a maximum of 3 degrees of camber adjustment on its own. This does not take into account the amount of natural camber you gain from significantly lowering the vehicle. One thing to note about the camber plate is that is a trade off in terms of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). You gain camber adjustability but sacrifice NVH due to increased road noise being transmitted through the metal pillowball bearing and into the cabin.



The BC Racing coilovers rubber top plates are utilized in nearly every kit. When the front of the vehicle utilizes a camber plate, the rear will use a rubber top bushing top hat.   Pillowball tops are available for dedicated track vehicles on most applications. The kits in which a camber plate cannot be utilized (A-arm suspensions) the top hats will be rubber front and rear. The main design feature of the rubber top plate is that it dampens NVH from reaching the cabin as much as possible enabling an OEM-like quiet ride. All rubber top plates have a durometer rating of 70A in order to achieve the best balance between performance and comfort.


Pillow Ball top hat mounts

The pillowball top plates shown above are used as an upgrade in the rear of a vehicle in place of the rubber top plate. Rubber is used to limit NVH from making its way into the cabin although this upgrade is available on various kits as a special order. Please contact us directly to see what options are available for your specific setup. The pillowball top plate is a good upgrade for customers seeking a more track centric, rigid setup where NVH is not a huge concern.


BC Racing Pillow ball bearing assembly

The BC Racing coilovers pillowball casings feature chrome plating for rust protection to improve longevity and durability. The Allen head bolts selected for the camber plates are stainless steel for durability through the harshest of environments. The top nut design secures the shocks piston shaft to the top plate and are made of carbon steel with a yellow zinc plating. The top nut has a built in flange and nylon thread lock to help the nut bite down and lock onto the pillowball casing for added strength and safety.


Bc Racing uses the highest quality Koyo bearings in all their pillow ball assemblies

BC Racing uses only the highest quality Koyo bearings available between the top plate and the top of the spring. It is a sealed and self lubricating bearing that is pressed into our upper spring seat during the assembly process. The 6061-T6 aluminum is milled down in the center and the bearing is pressed in. A yellow zinc plated misalignment spacer is then used to mate the top of the Koyo bearing to our pillowball casing. The entire assembly decreases friction when the steering wheel turns. Without this bearing it is possible for the spring to bind during turning which creates a “twang” type spring sound.

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