Coilover Clunk - How to diagnose and fix

One of the most common complaints we get calls about are coilovers that become noisy.  Most of the time a coilover goes smooth and you never have issues with noise, clunk, or squeaking.  Every once in awhile you will start to experience some of all of these.  The first thing that comes to a customer's mind is my coilovers are blown.  Some even take them to shops who are not real familiar with coilover setups and those shops really don't have any more knowledge then the customer about the systems so they just default to the shock is blown that is why it's making noise.  The Majority of the time could not be further from the truth. 

The majority of time noise is the result of the coilovers needing some maintenance.  Maintenance is not a bad thing! We aren't telling you that you did something wrong, we are telling you that aftermarket parts that are adjustable and with all those adjustment points they require more work than oem suspension because there is a lot of moving parts.

   We do see some installs that were done improperly and need to be removed and done over. When you are new to a advance part it's best to really dig into how they work, how they are adjusted and see if anyone else has had similar problems and if they have found solutions. One of the best resources for this is Youtube.  There are many many great install videos, adjustment videos, and diagnostic videos made by many of our customers and others with similar parts.  We always suggest if you are new to working on cars or coilovers in general watch plenty of footage and familiarize yourself with the systems before attempting the install.  


The Video below was made by a customer who had the right attitude!   His introduction to his video is exactly how you should approach any issues with aftermarket parts, then once you have narrowed down the cause of a problem give us a ring and we will help you further.   

"I should call up BC and ask what's going on, maybe yell at them for giving me a bad product. I should go onto some forums and post and ask questions. I should post in a FB group with a sound clip and ask "what's that noise".

   No I shouldn't. I should take my wheels off, pop the hood and investigate myself! That's what I'm doing today!

    Suspension clunks happen, especially after installing coilovers. Hell, just owning coilovers comes with more maintenance, including tightening things that get loose."

--Car Sick!!


How to tighten your shaft nuts.  The source of most clunking noises on front coilovers.  

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