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Very pleased with the fitment and ride quality.

I’ve had BCs before but never a car known for how smooth they ride stock. I was very hesitant to remove the magnaride. I’m very happy with the outcome. The ride is great and made my own mag ride delete harnesses.

Fronts factory preload -15 clicks from firmest
Rear 3mm preload -10 clicks from firmest

Coilover depot always 5 star

Recently had to order a couple new coil over covers, no issues with stock, had them in 3 days. Fast shipping. Fast response times via email with any questions.

Best budget springs.

I love the fact that they weren’t super expensive and they made my car look so much better. The car handles better, feels better, and just overall looks better. If you want to stay on a budget and go lower, Godspeed is the way to go.

4in swift springs 28k

Did exactly what I needed and stoked on the look

The perfect fit.

This is exactly what I was looking for.



I received my part but it is missing an allen bolt. I am waiting for an update on the missing allen bolt that is going to be sent to me.

Focus st rear sway bar

It was a good value for money as far as other sway bars go ( Megan racing sway bar 25 mm) although I wish it came with grease for the bushing

Front control arms

Product went in easy. Looked good after install. Is what I need to correct camber issue due to lowering the vehicle.

First time using coil depot

This is the first time I ordered coil overs for my car and I was not disappointed I ride it pretty soft (5 clicks from super soft) defi itly feels nicer to drive on


Fast shipping! Exactly what I wanted. Easy install and they perform better than I expected. Ride quality is A+++++++


I’m building a 66 Chevy c10 with full corvette suspension! Installed coil overs and the stance is perfect! Will be a few more months before I can test the ride but of they ride as good as they are made then I have no worries!!


This is a solid component, very well built. Install is very simple, and all parts went together smoothly. Shipping was quick.

3rd car with BC Racing coilovers

Best coilovers for the money! This is the 3rd set I've installed on my vehicles and quality is always spot on. Swift spring option is well worth it if you really want a perfect ride! Don't hesitate going with BC Racing.

Front Camber


Fast shipping


Godspeed MonoRs Coilovers

These were very easy to install. Just had to take a few screws loose and they was easy to get out. They are very easy to adjust. Car rides nice and smooth now.

1000% worth the buy

If you are reading this I was just like you. Reading through countless reviews from different coilover manufacturers. Not wanting to spend an insane amount on coilovers but didn’t want junk, something that wouldn’t handle canyon driving/ occasional track use, or something that would ride like garbage. I have to say I am so pleased with the DS setup. The ride is very smooth not “jarring” at all over bumps. On my first drive leaving my house is a little bumpy and I was almost concerned that it handled bumps so well that it might not be “aggressive” enough for a canyon blast. Boy was I wrong. Not only is the ride smooth but they handle incredibly well. I have never owned a set of $2500 coilovers and after driving on these I honestly don’t see a reason too. 10/10 would recommend. Plus both BC and Coilover depot are super responsive to emails and feel they both fully back this product. Stop searching. You’ve found the right coilover.

1 Front blew out after 8 months

Gave the low fitment I was looking for but seems like one of the fronts was defective. Triple checked the preload is where it should be, just surprised one if the shocks blew out that fast which makes cornering a lot less stable.

350z/g35 godspeed front upper camber arms

I believe this is a great product at its price point. I only see one issue and that is ease of adjustability but that is something I can look past for the price. This product works as described and very easy to put in with a few hand tools. I was told by a friend that put these on his g35 that you can get -5 degrees of camber from these arms which is a lot of adjustability if you're going for a budget drift setup. Pair this with a rack spacer kit and a nice set of coilovers and you're good to go.

Camber Gang

Love my new setup ride just like stocks couldn't thank yall enough


I’m extremely happy with the set I got and how quickly it came. Just wish u got some more stickers like the videos I watched. :,(

Cracked mount

They ran good for 2-3 months but my coil over top mount cracked the frame of my rear left mount. Now I have no clue how to fix it. :(

Great Product!

I had a friend of mine try to tell me these wouldn’t be the a good purchase; boy am I glad I didn’t listen to him! Great product very comfortable and stiff if you want them to be!

Give them a try. You’ll have your own opinion.

02-06 Acura RSX Megan Racing Coilovers - Street Series

They were perfect super easy install and the ride feels amazing, I definitely recommend if you are looking to sponsor someone please let me know interested in trying new parts


Great product fast shipping