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03-07 Honda Accord BC Coilovers - BR Type
Parrish S. (Lindenhurst, US)
Never Disappoints

These are my 2nd set of BC Racing Coils and honestly I love em. I first had them on a 2000 accord 4cyl for a good 5-6yrs and the ride was very smooth but what I liked the most was I never really bottomed out, the coils they really held the weight of the vehicle and my 2000 sat very low to the ground on a nose dive but going around turns sheeshhh no body role I had a strut bar as well so 🤷🏽‍♂️. Now my 2nd pair of BC’s I just recently purchased for an 07 Accord V6 (more motor weight) they ride exactly like my old 2000 ride is smooth you can really feel the road/ the weight of the vehicle which I love. I like to do a train track test to see how stiff the coils really are/ how good they can hold the weight of the vehicle keeping it from bottoming out and honestly very very good quality. The coils are pricey but for the quality it’s worth it.

Good for the price

I have no complaints about these honestly. I’ve had them on for 3 years they ride amazing even at this height. I took the preload off on the back to tuck a bit and then smaller 24k springs on the front but the coils have been AMAZING


I've been wanting to buy coils for a while and then came across these and finally bit the bullet and am so glad I did, they peak through my wheels and look amazing and feel even better!

Great quality

The fit and finish on these are top notch

Great quality.

I felt bad putting these under the car because they were so pretty

Used Parts received!!!

My parts came used, it looks like someone tried to install it because they’re are tool marks. They tried to cover up some of the knicks with white paint.

Best place to buy coilovers

I had orderd a pair of coilovers from a different site that where advertised to fit on my 2014 Chrysler 200 in witch it did not fit yet alone took a month to arrive took a loss and bought a set from coilovers depot and they came in 3 days was exactly what was advertised as and fit as it should none the less they had exelent customer service when I was skeptical on the fitment


Super recommend, it’s a large upgrade over the stock ,I run a combo of P2 and Megan racing so this is what that looks like at the moment. Suspension is super important so I’m glad I could get my hands on these fixed all the weird clunking I had , remember our suspension is almost 30 years old 😅 time to upgrade

Night and Day from stock! AutoX and Street Driving!

My 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye needed some performance upgrades this year; the stock suspension was finally ready to be replaced, and I was looking for some performance upgrades to help me out on the AutoX courses in my area. After doing some research, I found these Megan Racing coilovers and made the purchase through Affirm [dad life].

The coilovers came in a professionally sealed and packaged box, quickly, via Fedex. Luckily I was able to work from home on the day of delivery and signed for the order. A nice touch to keep my new investment safe and secure.

I had a local dealer install the coilovers for me, as these coilovers were replacing stock suspension that was NEVER replaced since the car was brand new. Despite some corrosion issues between an aluminum knuckle and steel strut, the coilovers went in without much more hassle. I also had the Dart aligned when all was said and done.

The first event with the coilovers was a night and day difference. No more body roll, no negative weight transfer... the Dart stayed very composed and planted throughout the course. I could keep my foot planted on the accelerator, late brake, and feel the car move gracefully to where I needed it to be without any apprehension.

Normal day-to-day street driving is also nice! The dampening is set to soft for the street, and I haven't messed with it during AutoX [yet], as I don't feel the Dart needs to be stiffer for my needs. Again, still learning the suspension behavior... but it's been a blast so far!

Here's an onboard from my fastest run on 5/11. Enjoy. :) YouTube video placeholder

i have enjoyed it, smooth while driving

5 star

Extra fast delivery grade A packaging easy install. The only downside is the instructions don't tell you how low it sit out of the box, so you will need to adjust it yourself. This picture was taken after the install. I still need to adjust it one more time to a lower setting. Jack it up take wheels off and adjust takes about 10 min. a side for the front. The rear is a little trickier because you need to drop the lower arm on the odyssey to reach the adjuster. Rear takes about 30 min. a side doing it yourself. Overall I'm very pleased with the quality and feel of the ride. Five star all the way around.

Great quality

Going from stock to BC Coils had me a bit nervous just because my car rides sooooo smooth, anybody that jumped in my car always complimented how smooth my car drives but I love the lowered look on the gs so I went ahead and got the best coils I could go for and I’m so in love with how my car rides, I don’t have it too stiff or too soft, perfect for it being my daily!


After the easiest coilover install, my car feels very planted on the ground.

Excellent Parts

As described and super fast shipping! Excellent customer service

18+ Toyota Camry SE Megan Racing Lowering Springs
Renier R. (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Llegaron a tiempo y muy buena calidad

Súper calidad

Warpspeed Shipping

I placed my order at 2pm and it was at my door at 10am the next day. Everything was in perfect condition and surpassed expectations. Will 100% come back to for all of my coilover needs and reccomend anybody to you guys for theirs.

Great and ride amazing but

They ride great and haven’t had any problems so far. But luckily I had a friend who is experienced with coil overs help me and he noticed the two parts that connect were on the the wrong side. We had to take off the bottom half and switch it with the other side. It almost seemed like the parts were returned and I got them. Other than that love the the coil overs itself.

First set of coil overs

Easy to install and set ride smooth very happy with this purchase

Just do it!

Was skeptical at first but once everything was said and done it was easily one of my best purchases i’ve done. Good pricing on various coilovers and this set was a nice bang for your buck. You can set how soft or how stiff you want them set to so that’s a plus. Only reason i did not give this a 5 star was because it didn’t come with stickers but overall if you’re looking for a set you’re good with this set.

Megan Racing Rear Camber Arms

A must have when lowering your car with coilovers. I will say my alignment is still slightly off from where it needs to be and need to purchase the other arms as well.

Megan Racing Coilovers

This car handles so much better now. Delivery was very fast as well.

Great for protecting coilovers from dirt

Look great on the coilovers. Wished they were a little bit longer but other than that I'm very happy with them


They were really easy to install. Also very easy to adjust for the alignment afterwords if you’re looking to get adjustable camber arms for your E46 this set is the best bang for your buck. Very happy with this purchase!

Good suspension annoying with the review request

Just a drop shipper my coils came directly from bc racing in Orlando so shipping was quick but maybe a few less than 15 emails for a review

Factory ride quality

These Coilovers feel great. Install was very straightforward. Would definitely recommend to others