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Extreme low on my 91

Lead times were way less than expected and got my custom order in only a couple weeks including processing and shipping. Stoked on the stance and ride of my, they met and exceeded my expectations so far.

First time customer, will be back!

Ordered some Megan Race Ramps that were on sale. Great product/price, quick shipping and awesome customer service!

Quality product, highly recommend

Received godspeed lowering spring kit in timely manner, no damage in shipping (yay).

Easy to install, took about 2 hours in my driveway with hand tools.
Ride is great, firm yet compliant with none of the abuse "unnamed" cheap coilovers give you.

For anyone looking to lower vehicle for aesthetics and mildly spirited driving I'd definitely recommend, for anything more demanding probably a better idea to save up for true coilover setup.

Coilover Depot Coilover Socks for All Coilovers

Great product

Good service and understanding team and quality parts.

Godspeed coilovers

Coilovers feel and look amazing

Lexus GS 350

Awesome product, exactly what I expected.


Coilovers were a great install got about a 3” drop at about 65% adjustment on the front and and 60% adjustment on the rear, rides suuuper comfortable (max soft front, 9/14 clicks on rear) with a nice hoopty bounce (no issues with bumpstops forgot to shave them) when hitting extra bumpy parts on the road, install was direct (highly recommended one person to help)
Follow n send me your lowered s197s!! @1kayk47shawty

Given as a Gift

He absolutely loved the ramps. Perfect!
Dress Up Bolts

Couldn’t be happier with this set also the service I got from coilover depot.

I installed on my 04 GTO For those who are installing, take both stock struts off first before installing these, your sway bar links will not bolt up.

They rode Amazing (How To Video)

They ride really good! Sat just a little lower after break in but all in all really closed that gap without having to adjust much!
Here's my how to video! YouTube video placeholder
Amazing customer service!

I needed up buying a bundle deal for all the suspension parts for my 94 Supra and I was truly happy with the level of customer service I received. It felt, like for once, that I was treated like VIP. The best prices and best service means a winning combo!

Megan racing ezII

Coilover depot came through with the great price and fast shipping. Customer service was prompt when I had questions about my order. Just recently installed these coilovers they ride excellent give my vehicle the sporty ride and lowered stance I was aiming for.

Trash for this car

I’ve had these coilovers on other cars and they were great but they are trash on a mk4 Jetta ride stiff and don’t lower the car much I would return them if I could

Megan Rear Links for LS430

Fast shipping from CoiloverDepot. Great customer service.

Megan arms went in fine and adjusted my rear wheels for bigger tires.

96 accord wagon

They fit great and helped me get rid of all my toe in the rear , came super fast !

Great product

The coilovers for my 12 dodge challenger were great the installation was not that hard and the ride is so much better. I also bought the control arms for the front and back as well

Great product

super easy to install, i had no issues at all, the worst part was removing the oem toe arm, but the new one went in easy and took a few minutes to install


The best company 100% I recommend coilovers depot thanks for all

The 3800 Daily

There's coilovers so far are AMAZING! Over steer isn't an option anymore xD
The install was moderate but so worth it! If you want to see a video on the full install go visit my YouTube channel The 3800 Daily! YouTube video placeholder
Careful For Awd!!!

Be careful when putting these coil overs on or any coil overs on if your car is awd. You will need supporting mods like upper and lower control arms or you will keep destroying axles. I’ve had the coil overs on for less than one month and went through seven axles. Sadly, to say I had to remove the coil overs. Do a research before buying.

Awesome ride perfect fit

No problems installing and they ride perfectly. Got 8k/6k spring rates. Adjustable dampening makes a big difference.

Very nice quality and fit very easily in place of the old ones I had. Didn’t adjust the camber but it looks pretty straightforward and simple.

Amazing product

Package shipped in a day and arrived in two business days it was securely packaged and shipped. I haven’t had enough time to install the rears but the front two were easy.

best coils

Definitely the most solid coilovers you can get in this price range. These will go lower than any other coilover and ride awesome. Ordered black friday and were at my door tuesday.