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Exactly what I expected, got the job done.

Bought these coil overs for my rsx on a budget. They perform great, right amount of stiffness, and lowered enough. It gave me about 3 inches all around and puts the fenders just above the oem tires at the lowest setting. If your looking for track stance this works. If your looking to drag your nuts on the pavement spend more. But if you buy these and want to lower more later you can always buy swift springs. Btw another review said don’t use the tie rod ends, I needed em for extra length cause they’re about a 1/4 inch longer and they work great. Overall happy customer

Jeep Patriot coils

I’ve honestly have never been more happier with my order these Coilovers were the smoothest and most surprisingly satisfying buy I have ever made thank you COILOVER DEPOT I let everyone know about you guys

Amazing coils

I absolutely thank you guys for making such an amazing product Corvette runs amazing handles amazing the coils overs were the perfect touch!!!!! Highly recommend!!!!

Q70-M56x control arms

I recently purchased a set of the Meagan Racing adjustable upper control arms for the 2013+ Infiniti Q70AWD (which actually didn't start until 2014), they work great... even on my 2011 Infiniti M56x! I cross referenced the parts through an Infiniti dealership by using my VIN and one they had on they're lot. I used my 2011 M56x, and a 2014 Q70AWD finding a perfect match for these upper control arms. Please have the M37/M56 relisted for these arms!! Fitment was perfect, and the construction is beautiful. The amount of adjustability is what you need to correct the camber after lowering the car even in extreme cases.

Update after 6 months

Dont Buy. Way to cheep. I found out after 6 months that my rear spring is way shorter than the other, causing noises, and other suspension part did not survive. I can't ajust it correcly because almost a inch is missing! The paint on the spring got damage from it hitting himself and its cover in rust. (Pictures are with no spring load just to show the lenght of the spring and how it react with the weight of the car, thats why the spring moved on one picture)

Bad fitment okay performance

The stock bolts don’t fit the flange end, the holes are too small. The spherical link side is fine. Drill out the flange end and you will be fine, but jeez. Megan racing is much better stuff, and hardly more expensive. I did front uppers, rear lowers and toe bars from Megan and the quality was much better. But these work in a pinch. Godspeed is red, Megan is blue.


Love the product you guys provide

18-UP Honda Accord Godspeed Coilovers- MonoSS

Fantastic products

Great product, easy adjustability. Good craftsmanship.


Perfect fit

Good quality, good service.

Definitely enjoyed my product and service. Will use them again.


Didn’t think I would feel a difference but I feel it all around. Cornering, stance, and especially going over potholes. These are overall amazing in every perspective.

50K Swift Coilover Springs 65mm ID - Pair
Jonathan S. (Philadelphia, US)
50k swift springs

They are awesome they made me be able to run wider wheels and nut hit my fender

Worth every penny!

This is a nice quality kit that looks great on the car. Night and day difference in handling and performance!

Fantastic products

Great products, fantastic fit and finish.

Good quality

Came very fast everything fit perfectly. Very happy

Good quality

Installation was a breeze. Everything lined up nicely and I got a good 3-4 inch drop from the kit. Only thing is I wish the rear shocks were stiffer as it does bounce a lot.

Good quality

Installation was a breeze. Everything lined up nicely and I got a good 3-4 inch drop from the kit. Only thing is I wish the rear shocks were stiffer as it does bounce a lot.

These are a affordable and beautiful upgrade for the Gs and For me these were well needed as my old godspeed bushings were clapped. Happy with my purchase.

Switched from D2 Air bag suspension to D2 coil overs.

My son bought a 2016 Nissan Maxima SR from a car lot that already had existing D2 Racing Air bag suspension kit. That kit worked great except for whoever installed them didn’t run the airlines the way I would have as to protect them from damage. So my son kept having air leaking from the lines he need the airbags and I was tire of having to assist him in fixing some else mistake So I wanted to remove the bag for him and go back to stock suspension, however I called Nissan and for me to convert his car back to stock with me doing the work myself would have costed roughly $3k. So in an effort to try and save my son some money. I purchased the D2 racing coil over kit for his Nissan. Installation was pretty self explanatory out with the old and in with the new.

The thing that I would have to liked to see is more detailed instructions as to the ride height adjustment. That section of instructions were different to read and it felt like they would say something on one page and then something different on the next page. So there was a lot of going back and reading over the instructions several times to try and grasp how to correctly adjust the right height.

In all once I took it to my mechanic to have it aligned and have him give it his blessing. The car drives a lot smoother than before. The handling is night and day difference the car is so much more responsive now that it feels like its driving a different car. In all I got what I was looking for by switching from bags to coil overs and for a fraction of what it would have cost me to purchase the stock suspension from Nissan.

Thank you and would recommend these to anyone that asks me.

Really fast shipping and excellent customer service

I ordered some Megan racing rear suspension toe arms for my 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse and they came as expected super fast and all in one piece. ordering the parts was quick and easy can't wait to install them soon👍

Megan Racing mrs-mt-0310-02

Excellent packaging and they were nice to include a Coilover Depot keychain.

I'm completely satisfied.

Best Ramps on the Market!!!

Perfect for my C6, always have trouble using 2 jacks to lift it, now drive onto the ramps and have the space i need to jack it up YouTube video placeholder

I would have went lower, but the roads in Illinois are in very bad condition.

Megan racing coilovers.

Great product, easy installation, super fast shipping.