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Coilover Depot Coilover Socks for All Coilovers


Part number: CD-SOCK-F

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Coilover Depot coilover socks help protect your coilovers from harsh conditions. Protecting them from road salt and grime during rainy or snowy seasons. 

 Coilover Depot Coilover socks are made of 3mm water resistant neoprene with a sewn in hook and loop seam for easy installation and removal without the need to remove the coilovers.  This allows for easy removal to clean or adjust your suspension.

Coilover Depot coilover sleeves shed water, eliminate sand, dirt, salt, and debris from damaging your coilover shock shaft and corroding the springs.  Coilovers that are protected from the environment will last longer and perform better.

 The Coilover sock diameter is adjustable which allows for fitment on many coilover brands. Coilovers socks are for 2", 2.5", and 62-65mm straight linear coilover springs.  These socks will not fit the V or S barrel springs found on some coilover kits.  S barrel springs are ones that are smaller on the ends and fat in the middle.  V barrel springs are ones that are larger on one end than the other.  The socks are designed to fit a straight spring with a 3-3.25" outer diameter.   


Please email us if you have any questions about fitment. 


The Coilover Depot coilover socks are sold in pairs

Available in two lengths:

300mm - Fits most front coilovers or shorter shock assemblies.

370mm - Fits most rear shock assemblies or longer setups.


  • Durable 3mm Neoprene
  • Adjustable diameter
  • Adjustable elastic Ends to seal tops and bottoms

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Pretty damn good investment

I've always thought about protecting my coilovers but never knew socks existed. Great investment to help extend the life of your coils. Had a cv boot explode and these saved me from a nasty coil clean up


Coilover Depot Coilover Socks for All Coilovers

Love the Coilovers

Added coilovers to a 1992 Toyota Sera to eliminate the wheel gap and it made a big difference. The car sits perfect now and love the look.

Ready for New England Winter

I bought these for my Raceland coilovers on my 03 Wrx Wagon. Easy to put on and the quality is great. Delivery was also pretty quick.

Perfect coil overs socks

Strong material perfect fit very fast delivery +++++++++++++

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