Setting Preload on your Coilovers


The proper way to set preload on a standard coilover

- Loosen both lock rings under the spring (spring seat ring(top) and spring lock ring(bottom)) so that the spring is loose and can move up and down slightly.

- Tighten spring seat ring so that the spring is snug, but do not tighten it down past simply holding the spring snug, this will be "0" preload.

- Now bring the bottom lock ring up so that it is just touching the spring seat ring, but do not tighten to lock, you will be moving the spring seat ring next.

- Now tighten up the spring seat ring so that you are now preloading (compressing) the spring.

- Measure the distance between the bottom ring and the top ring as you are tightening, once there is a 4-6mm gap between the two rings, you have 4-6mm of preload on the spring. (The thickness of the lock ring wrench is 4mm, so when you can slip the wrench in between the lock rings, you're good to go.)

- Tighten up the locking ring to lock your preload in place

- Repeat for all 4 corners.

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