Request Order Cancellation

Once an order is placed you have a small window to cancel it before it processes to a warehouse. Once the order is processed you may still request cancellation, however please know that cancellation at that stage is takes time and sometimes products will ship before we can get the order canceled. 

Once you submit this request we will start the cancelation process. This could mean someone is running from their desk into our warehouse to pull your order off the printer, shipping table, or digging it out of our outbound UPS stack.   The process also gets a bit more complicated with brands that we ship from their warehouses.  In that case we have to put a request into their support team.  They have to do the same sprint around their warehouse to pull your shipment out of either their ship station or their outbound lane. Sometimes if we process your order in the morning and you contact us to cancel at 3pm or later it might be too late.  Fedex or UPS may already have it.   Once they have it we can not stop it. 

The brass tax...  Fees.

Cancellations cost money.  It's unavoidable.  Orders that have to be canceled after they are processed we charge a 5% cancelation fee.  This is because processing banks and paypal do not refund any of the processing fees they charge.  So be aware your refund will be 5% less than your order total. Most orders placed during business hours are processed within a hour or so of ordering.  

If we have to cancel because of an error on our part be that inventory or other mistakes we will eat that fee since it is of no fault of yours that we have to cancel. 

Custom build cancellations.  After 24-48 hours custom orders may have a 15% cancelation fee. We will inform you once we receive the request if you are going to be charged a cancelation fee.  Many of the manufactures we work with charge us fees to cancel custom builds due to parts being ordered or labor being started. 

Please do not make arrangements or place new orders until you have received a confirmation that your order can be cancelled.  

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