03-11 Mazda RX8 Godspeed Adjustable Front Camber Arms With Spherical Bearings

Brand: Godspeed

Part number: AK-202

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Godspeed Adjustable Front Camber Arms With Spherical Bearings for the 03-11 Mazda RX8

Part Number:AK-202

Godspeed suspension arms are designed to correct the suspension geometry created when a vehicle’s ride height has been changed from stock. Keeping proper alignment on your vehicle is very important. When a vehicle is lowered the geometry of the suspension is changed affecting the surface contact your tires are able to make with the road. For maximum handling, you want as much surface contact as possible, as well as the ability to change these settings to meet any road condition. Godspeed suspension arms are designed to do just that. Give you the adjustment capability you need to correct your alignment and give you maximum control over the handling of your vehicle. Whether you are chasing track times or street cred, Godspeed has you covered.

  • Allows adjustments outside of the OE range of adjustment to provide proper alignment
  • Prevents excessive tire wear
  • Replaces worn Factory rubber bushings for a more consistent geometry and better handling

Customer Reviews

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T.P. (Campbell, US)
Godspeed Mazda RX-8 front upper control arms

I ordered a set of these arms with overnight shipping to replace my broken stock arms a week before a track weekend. When they arrived on Tuesday, one of the control arm bushings was machined too small for the bolt to fit through (see pics. All but one bushing had an inner diameter of 12mm). Coilover depot promptly sent me a free replacement that Thursday, but I did not receive it until the following week. Because of the delay, I had to run one Godspeed arm and one junkyard arm that weekend. Afterwards, I inspected the Godspeed arm that was on the car and found that the spring washers used on the adjustable ends of the arm had both disintegrated and fallen off the arm. Fine service by coilover depot with the free replacement, but awful product by Godspeed (not to mention that these steel arms are twice as heavy as the stock aluminum arms). I would never buy a Godspeed product again.

a.a. (Richmond, US)

got these since my OEM fuca got clapped installed these tried to align them but ended up being unable to correctly match it without having to completely remove them. bushings started to bind and seized causing my tires to screech when driving and have my tires wear out unevenly, had to remove them and install another set of OEM arms. wouldnt recommend

It is always a good idea to have a professional alignmet shop set your alignment of adjustable arms that way you get the proper Camber or caster adjustments from a control arm. Also the best way to avoid bushing binding is to leave the fasteners loose and put the suspension under load and tighten them all, that way they get tightened in the position like what they will be in when the car is on the ground.

Israel G.

It’s good, better than to ones I had, I had the same one but it snapped so I had to get new ones