Shipping & ETA Notices

Last Update: July 1st 2021


We are one of the largest dealers of BC Racing Coilovers in North America.  As always, our goal with any orders are to fulfill them as quickly as possible. The last few months have been some of the best in all our years supplying you guys with great products and amazing custom builds. Combine that huge surge in demand with a supply chain and world wide logistics system that has been at full capacity things have started to get backed up.  

While BC normally has some of the largest inventory reserves of any coilover brand  they have been experiencing a sustained surge in demand, as well as industry-wide material shortages. This has caused lead times to increase. but they continue to be committed to delivering high-quality products to, it will just take a little longer than it has in the past.

Lead times are as follows:

  • Same day or next day shipping on all in stock kits.
  • 8-10 week factory drop ship for out-of-stock standard kits.
  • 7-10 weeks custom builds. This goes for extreme low, Swift springs, Custom Spring rates, and more. 
  • Customers with current builds or drop ship orders.  Many of you are aware of delays already, those who are not. We are expecting your orders to have similar lead times, but your clock started when the order was placed. 



As you know Fortune Auto Coilovers are hand-built to order. There has always been lead times with this method, but it insures every coilover is built with the highest quality. Fortune Auto lead times have also been impacted by material shortages and logistical delays. The longer than normal lead times are temporarily. We assure you that Fortune Auto is doing everything they can to build orders as efficiently as possible.

Lead times are as follows:

  • The 500 Series ETA is 6-8 weeks
  • The 510 Series ETA is 8-10 weeks

    We appreciate your patience during this time. We are working hard to ensure every customer gets a quick response to any questions or update requests. Please understand that these brands do not update us proactively.  We have to reach out to them and request updates.  Some times there are no new updates.   

     We have started to build out an email system that will help our staff keep in contact with you our valued customers at set intervals to let you know we have not forgotten about you.   

    As always our customer support agents are available to answer any questions you may have and help make your order process as smooth as possible. Never hesitate to reach out to us via live chat on our website or via our email.   We will try to respond as quickly as possible.   

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