03-08 Nissan 350Z BC Racing Coilovers - BR Type

Brand: BC Racing

Part number: D-17-BR

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BC Racing Coilovers 03-08 Nissan 350Z OEM style

Do you want to get the most out of your Z33 with out spending thousands of dollars on suspension? We do to! That's why we carry the BR series coilover. These are the best bang for your buck coilover in the price range. BC racing has some of the best quality in the sub 1200 coilover market. They are packed full of features that make them fully adjustable and work great for both a daily driven street car that also doubles as a weekend track car. We even have dedicated track cars that run these very coilovers and are still competitive. Whether you are going to be hitting up a Autocross, SCCA road course, or a Local drift event these BC coilovers will hold up and give you exactly what you are after a great handling very controllable fast car. They are also popular for the daily driven stance crowd because they go lower then almost every other brand of coilover. While your car may not handle the best that low some people would rather have form over function. Either way you will be happy with these on your car. Some of their features that make them a great coilover are listed below. Check them out and if you have any questions please ask! We are always happy to help you pick the best setup for your needs. You can contact us through our live chat at the bottom of your screen or through email. We try to have someone on live chat from the time we open until well after we close, some times as late as midnight. So don't hesitate to ask a questions, we want you to know your getting great service and a great product.


30 levels of damping force adjustment, adjust compression/rebound
Separate spring preloading and full length height adjustable
One year warranty

Spring Rates: Front 10K Rear 8K

Custom spring rates are available. You can request custom spring rates by entering the rates you want in the special instructions box after clicking add to cart. Spring rates up to 18K are available in BC Springs. Rates higher then 18K will require Swift spring upgrade.

All extreme low kits, swift springs, and custom rates are considered custom builds and will have a lead time of 3-4 weeks before shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Melissa (Staten Island, US)

Shipped a lot quicker than the website said and love my new coils, looks great and feels great driving.

Ivan S. (Granger, US)

Got here soon they said and they fit perfectly for my Z

Josh C. (Chicago, US)

These are mad epic

Enrique O. (Trabuco Canyon, US)
Awesome setup.

Great customer service. Quality looks great. Very helpful manual with barney proof pictures. Just finished installing and the difference can be felt on my 350z.

Christopher S.

You guys suck!

You cant install coilovers, tell us they are still new in box. Send us photos of them new in box, Claim they are not installed then when we get them back They are damaged from a sloppy installer, The box is full of grease and boot prints, the warranty card is covered in grease and dirt

. You were warned before you sent them back we do not return used/installed parts. Your parts were used and your return amount reflected the cost of such.

Coilovers are designed to lower your car. I am not sure why you purchased them if you did not want to lower your car. You were told that they would lower the car. The installer also did not have the coilovers adjusted to the highest settings. We noted that the installed shocks where adjusted almost to max low. They left them adjusted after removing them.

We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service. People can read through reviews on a lot of our coilovers and see we go above and beyond for our customers, but we will not return used setups as we can never be sure they are even the setups we sent out in the first place. We do return sets if they need warranty repair or replacements , but that is not what happened in this case.