95-05 Mercedes Benz S-Class AMG (W220) JVR Drive Coilovers- Sport

Brand: JVR Drive

Part number: JVR-MB14-03

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JVR Drive Coilovers- Sport for 95-05 Mercedes Benz S-Class AMG (W220)

Part Number:JVR-MB14-03

JVR Sport Coilovers were designed to give a wide range of ride height adjustability without reducing the spring travel. Each corner of the car has 32 levels (or clicks) of damping adjustability. This combines both the rebound and compression into one adjustment knob. The coilovers also use rubber top mounts to help reduce the noise that typically comes with high performance aftermarket coilovers. JVR Coilovers come standard with an anodized coating to protect against rust and corrosion caused by extreme use and harsh external elements.

JVR Drive parts are manufactured from high quality products sourced from around the world while still maintaining a very affordable price. JVR Drive Sport Coilovers are the perfect setup for your daily driver.


Lead Time on all JVR Drive coilovers is 7-10 days from time of order to shipping. Custom builds take 3-4 weeks before shipping. Custom builds include extreme low options, custom spring rates, and Swift spring upgrades.

Spring Rates:
  • Front: 18K
  • Rear: 12K
  • This kit is custom built to order. BC Custom wait times are 4-6 weeks. Fortune Wait times are 4-6 weeks. Most others are 2-4 weeks.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    robert s. (Somerset, US)
    2004 s55 amg coilovers

    Not many miles on them yet, but immediately a great improvement over the failing factory system. Fit perfectly and very pleased with the product

    Georgios A. (Walpole, US)

    Got these for my 05 S55, they are beautiful coilovers to start. Second dampening adjusters are made nice, same with the height adjusters. The only con I’d have for this cars for others who would like to do it themselves is there isn’t a manual or directions, also it doesn’t come cap nuts. Due to the complicated hydraulic system you need to remove the lines from the strut to refit to the vehicle and cap the ends off with a cap nut since the system is shared with the steering system. So I have knowledge to do the job myself but it would of been nice for the company to give instructions for those who need, and cap nuts for all cause many people will end up on a hunt for them! But they look great feel great, they’ll handle the 700 HP soon :) I’ll give another review how they handle more power maybe in the future!

    frenchell W. (Dallas, US)

    Quality product.