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95-00 Lexus LS400 Megan Racing Roll Center Adjusters 30mm

Brand: Megan Racing

Part number: LX-0450

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Megan Racing Roll Center Adjusters 30mm for the 95-00 Lexus LS400

Part Number: MRS-LX-0450

Car alignment is absolutely crucial when modifying your car. Alignment can effect every aspect of your driving experience, from straight line stability, understeer, oversteer, acceleration, braking and tire wear. Although stock components allow slight alignments from the stock suspension settings, they often are not able to properly align the car after the suspension has been modified.

These Roll-Center adapters are installed to correct suspension geometry after a car has been lowered. The uneven length of suspension arms causes Toe adjustments to occur drastically during braking suspension "squat", these Roll-Center Adjusters make up for the travel in the suspension arms to return suspension geometry to it's correct starting point. This allows alignment and steering to remain more consistent and predictable during aggressive driving and competition.

Fitment: Fits 95-00 Lexus LS400

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