92-98 BMW 3 Series E36 Truhart Coilovers- Street Plus

Brand: Truhart

Part number: TH-B802

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Truhart Coilovers- Street Plus for 92-98 BMW 3 Series E36

Part Number:TH-B802

TruHart coilovers are designed to dramatically improve handling performance while being easy on the budget. Made from the same quality materials as many more expensive coilovers, these coilovers allow you to adjust the lowering of your vehicle for your specific tastes and needs. Each TruHart coilover system comes with a full set of coilovers, with two front and two rear coilovers that feature a Zinc coated strut to provide protection against corrosion.

These coilovers offer a sporty but comfortable ride and are recommended for daily driving.

TruHart Coilovers feature a 1 Year Warranty when purchased through an authorized dealer such as Coiloverdepot.com

Specs & Features

  • Includes all 4 coilover shocks and springs
  • Includes front camber plates (where applicable) 
  • Pre-set dampening (non adjustable)
  • Monotube design with independently adjustable lower mounts

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Justin D. (San Jose, US)
A year later follow up

I decided to ride it out with the coilovers, I made it another 8 months before the coilovers were completely unusable and needed replacement. The bearings never Un-ceased in the top hats. The bolt that holds the coil over to the top hat on both sides consistently come loose as I’d turn back and fourth and very badly at the track. The driver side strut blew about 3 months after the first review and had to be raised overtime to over 2” just to keep level with passenger side. The passenger rear strut I believe has lost all fluid at this point being it clunks over bumps/crack in the road and the passenger front had begun leaking shortly before replacement.

Justin D. (Redmond, US)
Huge waste of money

Rewrote on 8/26/21——First off, the pillowballs in the top hats of the coil overs came very siezed and would cause the springs to bind so badly that the car was undrivable. The wheel would not come back, and the car tried to pull me off the road whichever way I last turned, after hours of working them back and fourth with penetrating lubricant and grease, and after trying negative and positive preload on the spring, the binding issue is still very prominent. Second, the spring will NOT stay on the lower perch. It gets cock-eyed and twisted and makes a ton of noise as well as changes the feel of the steering. Lastly, where the shock body threads into the lower mount, there is a ton of play that is audible and visible in the video I will attach. It’s enough play that it clunks and pops very aggressively and constantly while driving. The lock nut that holds the shock body tight from spinning against the lower mount will not stay tight because of the play. I put these on my drift car in April and have at most drove the car 700 miles. These coil overs affect my steering so poorly I’m forced to buy a different brand and my multiple attempts to reach someone to have these replaced, fixed or even refunded have failed. They told me I could purchase new pillowballs off their website instead of warrantying the brand new part, and they pass me all around having me fill out different forms and warranty requests and I haven’t heard anything back that’s helpful in any way in the 4-5 months since purchasing. Terrible customer service, terrible product. Do not waste your time.

Try adjusting the preload a bit tighter, or looser. Also some white lithium spray grease on the perches can help relieve some noise by making them turn smoother. Some times adding a few mm more of preload can quiet them down some.