92-98 BMW 3 SERIES E36 Godspeed Coilovers- MonoSS

Brand: Godspeed

Part number: MSS0940

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Godspeed Coilovers- MonoSS for 92-98 BMW 3 SERIES E36

Part Number:MSS0940

Godspeed Project's MonoSS is the entry level in their family of single-adjustable coilover kits. These coilovers are designed to be a street friendly race built coilover at an affordable price. MonoSS Coilovers feature a monotube damper that is made out of a carbon seamless steel 52mm tube with a performance internal piston providing maximum damper response. The cold-bent springs are made from high strength SAE9252 steel to optimize the balance between performance and comfort. Using race quality shock oil, Godspeed coilovers can guarantee exceptional damper performance at any temperature on and off the track. The top of the shock is attached to the car using a high quality top hat that features a high performance Japanese KOYO 6204Z bearing pillow ball mount (when applicable). The bottom shock brackets are made out of a T7075 forged aluminum or carbon steel brackets for lighter weight without sacrificing durability which also includes brake line brackets (when applicable). The MonoSS offers 16 level of damper adjustability which can be set to your preference.



  • 16 precise levels of damper adjustment
  • Koyo Japan 6204z bearing
  • Polyurethane bushing (if applicable)
  • Monotube shock design
  • Anodized shock body
  • Lightweight aluminum lower mount and T7075 forged aluminum / carbon steel brackets
  • 52mm carbon steel shock body with a performance internal piston
  • Independent ride height and spring preload adjustments
  • Race shock oil with a high viscosity index
  • 1 Year Warranty from Date of Purchase
Spring Rates:
  • Front: 6K
  • Rear: 8K

  • Customer Reviews

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    Anonymous (Waterford, US)
    Best bang-for-your-buck coilover setup!

    I've been running these coilovers for over a year under daily driving conditions, and in my honest experience I've absolutely loved them. I don't see many reviews of these online anywhere, so I thought it'd be fair to make one for other people to look out for!

    Overall ride quality for me is about an 8.5/10. Only reason they aren't a 9 is the color!

    I've only had experience with these coilovers on stock bushings, non-reinforced, and at the hardest setting for dampening. They give you the appropriate confidence while driving, and for me was a night and day difference in handling over stock suspension. I honestly probably wouldn't recommend them in a high-intense track setting because they're more on the softer side, but for drifting, spirited driving, and daily driving usage they're absolutely perfect.

    (Will give an update on how they feel during track use as I'll be using them this season equipped with condor speed bushings all around)

    All the adjustability you'd need (Front and rear adjustable dampening, M3 sway bar end link mounting points, spring load adjustments, and height adjustment) for whatever use you'd want them for, whether it be for a stance dirt-nasty-low setup, to an OEM+ setup, or even OEM ride height if you just want a stiffer setup to your already existing stock height. And also, the coating they come with on the threads is absolutely incredible and DOES NOT rust out the threads so long as you wash your car regularly. I've driven them through 2 winters and not a spec of rust is seen on the threads, and I can still freely adjust them according to my liking!

    I'm not crazy about the color at all, I've even debated on repainting them somewhere down the line, but the functionality of these coilovers is on-par if not BETTER than BC's. They certainly aren't as good as a nice set of KW's or Broadway's, but they certainly are the best budget-friendly coilover setup you can get that isn't cheap ebay quality that rust and seize up in 2 weeks. Hope this helps anyone during their suspension shopping!

    Jamari F. (New York, US)
    godspeed for e36

    get dumb low

    buy skid plates

    Ash Q. (Wildomar, US)