89-05 Mazda Miata Truhart Coilovers- Street Plus

Brand: Truhart

Part number: TH-M801

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Truhart Coilovers- Street Plus for 89-05 Mazda Miata

Part Number:TH-M801

TruHart coilovers are designed to dramatically improve handling performance while being easy on the budget. Made from the same quality materials as many more expensive coilovers, these coilovers allow you to adjust the lowering of your vehicle for your specific tastes and needs. Each TruHart coilover system comes with a full set of coilovers, with two front and two rear coilovers that feature a Zinc coated strut to provide protection against corrosion.

These coilovers offer a sporty but comfortable ride and are recommended for daily driving.

TruHart Coilovers feature a 1 Year Warranty when purchased through an authorized dealer such as Coiloverdepot.com

Specs & Features

  • Includes all 4 coilover shocks and springs
  • Includes front camber plates (where applicable) 
  • Pre-set dampening (non adjustable)
  • Monotube design with independently adjustable lower mounts

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
pierre (Los Angeles, US)
Too low

Wayy too low. I was able to get a 1” drop but at the cost of a sus amount of preload.
at highest height setting and zero preload for both front and rear, the rear drops like over 3” and the front drops about 2”. The front ends up looking way higher than the rear. I added preload where I needed to to get a 1” drop both front and rear but it was a lottttt of preload, even after the separate height adjustment was maxed out.
other than that, the product is good. seems quality. i emailed truhart a question and they were quick to respond.
i did get slightly conflicting information about the independent height adjustability though. the paper that came with the package said you need a minimum engagement of threads of the shock into the bottom cup, which is used to adjust height independent of preload. the paper said 40 mm rear, 30 mm front. thru email from truhart i was told 1” on both front and rear. i ended up doing 30 mm both front and rear, as 30 mm is a just a but longer than 1”.
with no preload, springs seem a bit stiffer than stock. which is nice, but at the cost of a supper saggy rear compared to the front.
after adding preload and getting an even 1” drop on both front and rear, the ride is a bit too stiff. it feels firm, but too firm, and i wish i could address that without losing so much ground clearance.

if you want to go (and stay) super super low, these would work but im not trying to scrape every time i go up/down a drive way.

thats their only flaw, everything else is great! but next time im going with something else.

Robert C. (Jeffersonville, US)
What Coilovers?

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