05-22 Dodge Charger AWD BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

Brand: BC Racing

Part number: Z-04-BR

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BC Racing BR Series Coilovers 05-22 Dodge Charger AWD

Part Number: Z-04-BR

The Dodge AWD Charger BC Racing BR series coilovers are the perfect choice for street driving with a dash of weekend warrior track action. Featuring easily accessible adjustment knobs and separately adjustable ride height, the BR series makes adjusting and maintaining your AWD Charger's performance coilover system easier than ever. Ride height is independently user adjustable so you can dial in the exact look to reflect your driving style and performance needs. BC’s patented concave lower locking ring keeps all adjustments locked in and ready for precise predictable feed back in any scenario. BR series coilovers provide a strong, complete and attractive coilover system at a great price.


    • Mono-tube shock design
    • 30 levels of damping force adjustment
    • Separate Full length height adjustable
    • One year warranty
    • Rebuildable

    Spring Rates: 14K Front, 14K Rear.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Matt R. (Boston, US)
    Perfect for AWD’s

    Maybe the only kit you can get for your AWD Charger, but it’s the only kit you’d ever want. All pros, no cons (not really anyway but read on)

    1) It all fits and it’s all you need for install. Straightforward and what you want with any purchase. Elusive on AWD’s.
    2) You absolutely need the adjustable height and dampening this kit has, with your AWD. The ride height is finicky with the front transfer case and the stock ride is very squishy. The range for height and dampening is very wide. Other springs will set you too low and you’ll smash your transfer case into the ground. I had Mopar lowering springs installed previously and they set me up for failure— too low and the ride quality was trash with the OEM shocks and struts. Out with those and in with these. Dampening can also be adjusted at a stop light if need be… super convenient.
    3) Great customer support. I had a potential issue (turned out to be unrelated to the coilovers) and they immediately sent me some parts at no cost to help diagnose.
    4) It transforms the car. This is what you’re looking for after all. The stock handling was OK at best. Now it feels like it’s on rails. It no longer feels like the giant car it is. And it also looks all around better, without question.

    1) This is not really fair but it was my experience… in playing with ride height I ended up ripping my splash shield and needed to replace it. This was after smashing the ground a few times (it will happen if you aren’t careful with the height). Car was down for two weeks waiting for the part but was fairly cheap all around.
    2) Again, not necessarily fair but my experience— I am smoking bushings in the front end. It seems that the lower height is pushing some of the existing suspension to its limit and the bushings are taking the hit. That may also just be the car in general, but in the 1.5 years I’ve had them in, I’ve replaced 3 control arms (due to bushing failures) and an end link bushing. The car wasn’t sidelined when these went bad, and the cost to repair wasn’t bad either, but it’s worth mentioning. The end link bushing was also especially difficult to diagnose so there were a few months of clunking that I had to track down. More frustrating than expensive or damaging.

    For reference, I’m 1.5-2” lower than stock and set the dampening at +5 clicks on the hard side all around (-15 to +15 is the total range) from center/neutral. I’m @last.345.awd on IG if you have questions or want to follow.

    Buy these and find a shop you trust. You will not regret it.

    Jean R. (Kersey, US)
    Amazing product

    These coilovers were a fairly straightforward install and completely changed the feel and look of the car. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to spice up the driving experience.

    Aubrey K. (Grand Rapids, US)

    Husband loves them

    Tasha F. (Abingdon, US)
    14 Dodge charger rt awd

    I purchased the bc racing br series coil overs and love them first off the customer service at coilover depot is awesome as far as the coilovers themselves, ride quality and fit are excellent but I will say this you have to remove the rear shocks if you want to adjust the ride height in the rear not a big deal. Worth every penny

    Brett G. (Saco, US)

    Very noisy in the rear ,tried calling tech support appears to be a number that is no good, tells you the business hours there open which we are with in and still no answer.

    You will want to remove the coilovers inspect them and reinstall them. Pay close attention to the upper mount install. Noise is 90% of the time a issue with the installation needing a slight tweak.