09-16 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Godspeed Front Tension Arms

Brand: Godspeed

Part number: AK-161

Godspeed Front Tension Arms For The 09-16 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Part Number:AK-161

Lowering a vehicle will often take it out of OEM alignment specification. A large majority of OEM suspension components do not have enough adjustment. An out of spec alignment can cause poor handling characteristics and even premature uneven tire wear.

Designed for the Genesis Coupe, this kit will help your lowered car not only drive better, but your tires will last much longer as well. This is also perfect for the people who race their Genesis on the track. You would want full control of your cars alignment adjustments which cannot be achieved without adjustable arms since it is past the range of the OEM bolts. Godspeed's adjustable arms are designed to be reliable for daily driving yet strong enough for high performance and race use.

Constructed of High-Strength Steel Alloy
  • Three-Stage Powdercoating Process with red Finish.
  • Adjustable Length for Camber and Track-Width adjustment.
  • Allows for a wider tire-wheel combination.
  • Eliminates Soft-Rubber OEM Bushings.

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