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08-10 Dodge Challenger BC Racing Coilovers - BR Type

Brand: BC Racing

Part number: Z-01-BR-CL

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BC Racing BR Series Coilovers 08-10 Challenger

Part Number: Z-01-BR-CL

The Dodge Challenger BC Racing BR series coilovers are the perfect choice for street driving with a dash of weekend warrior track action. Featuring easily accessible adjustment knobs and separately adjustable ride height, the BR series makes adjusting and maintaining your Charger's performance coilover system easier than ever. Ride height is independently user adjustable so you can dial in the exact look to reflect your driving style and performance needs. BC’s patented concave lower locking ring keeps all adjustments locked in and ready for precise predicable feed back in any scenario. BR series coilovers provide a strong, complete and attractive coilover system at a great price.


    • Mono-tube shock design
    • 30 levels of dampening force adjustment
    • Pillowball mounts and/ or adjustable camber plates included
    • Separate Full length height adjustable
    • Inverted and Non-Inverted setups
    • One year warranty
    • Rebuildable


      • Coilovers use 46mm pistons and 53mm shock housings, the enlarged shock cartridges with specially designed pistons and rods provide a wide range of dampening force
      • Valves are constructed of special spring steel, which outperforms stainless steels and produces longer valve life. Valve stacks use a patented deflective system to provide more precise control
      • Patented concave lower locking ring, to prevent unseating
      • Springs are made of SAE9254 high strength, durable steel. Compression tested at over 500,000 times with less than 5% deformation
      • T6061 Aluminum utilized in spring locks and seats for strength and weight savings
      • Iron lower brackets on MacPherson struts to ensure rigidity
      • Piston rods are constructed of highly polished steel to lengthen oil seal life and prevent leaking
      • High pressure inner rod guide seals ensure a perfect fit for consistent fade resistant damping and long shock life
      • 2 step coating process utilizing nickel and chromium plating to prevent corrosion
      • Newly developed lubricant oil in all shock cartridges minimizes aeration and cavitation
      • An additional bearing beneath each pillowball mount provides a smooth action and prolongs the life of the pillowball itself.

      These coilovers come with 12k Front and 14k spring rates.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews

      08-10 Dodge Challenger BC Racing Coilovers - BR Type

      challenger coilovers

      I have had these on my car since mid April. I am very happy with the ride quality and the product quality. Installation was straight forward and went smoothly. Ride height adjustment is fairly easy given that the shocks are on Dodge Challenger. The Challenger rear shocks due to OE chassis design can be difficult to adjust. The shocks and springs have performed well and I would rate them as very good. I did experience some noise in the rear shocks. Some on the web refer to it as a coil clunk. After some research I found this was common on Challengers. My solution was to exceed the manufactures torque spec on the REAR lower shock mount bolt by 20 pound feet. That adjustment corrected a noise issue and gave me a great ride. Ordering was easy, I placed my order by phone, talked to a tech, asked some application questions and was surprised at the knowledgable product response. I like the product, very good quality, great shipping and delivery time and well priced. I would highly recommend th BC product from Coil Over Depot.

      2010 Challenger RT - Amazing Fit

      I ordered these about 2 weeks ago and just got them installed last week. What an amazing investment. The shipping got here two days earlier than expect so that was great. Prior to buying this kit, I never had my suspension changed since buying the car back in '09. My shocks/struts were old and barely doing the job. I love this stance on my car now and recommend it to all Mopar fans out there. Definitely one of the best investments I've made this year. Thanks, BC!

      No fat chicks, car will scrape

      Holy crap.... I have never in my life purchased something and been so shocked by the real world performance. Sit down children ol' pappy is gonna tell you a story.

      I have a 2015 Challenger r/t and instead of buying a hellcat I'm going to turn mine into one. (Don't hate I am waiting till the widebodys come down in price) I started with intake and exhaust for the rumble, rims for looking baller as Huck Finn while I'm out avoiding mustangs leaving car meets. Then it was time for STANCE NATION BROOOOOOO. Not really... Just wanted a better look, better handling. I liked that this kit was infinitely adjustable so I could kinda screw around with it to hopefully find a happy place. I saw other kits at pretty similar costs but bc makes kits for pretty much every car on the road so I figured they can't suck. So I smashed that buy now button like it was a cheap beer.
      Now every day after school I anxiously checked the mailbox for my decoder ring. I had to find out the secret message.... Oh wait... Wrong story. Anyhow it arrived crazy fast. The box weighs quite a bit (same as stock suspension) and the packaging was deeheecent. They were wrapped tightly and arrived without a scratch. As far as installing they went in very easily. They are shorter than stock so easy to put in. On the front. Detach both sway bar links and leave them detached until you are done it will screw up your ride height and just be a general pain in the ass. Mine arrived at exactly stock ride height which is cool. On the rear, the stock springs are a total mother in law to remove. First drop your rear exhuast. (just unbolt it from the chassis and the rear sections from the resonators right behind the trans. It's three bolts per side. Then jack up the control arm and unbolt it from the chassis, not the knuckle. Lower the jack slowly and viola spring out. (The exhaust is in the way of the bolt btw that's why you pull it first) everything else is smooth. (read the full review on Amazon) it's 4k characters.


      08-10 Dodge Challenger BC Racing Coilovers - BR Type

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