03-08 Nissan 350Z BC Racing BR Coilovers (True Coilover Rear)

Brand: BC Racing

Part number: D-107-BR

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03-08 Nissan 350Z BC Racing BR Coilovers (True Coilover Rear)

Do you want to get the most out of your Z33 without spending thousands of dollars on suspension? We do too! That's why we carry the BR series coilover. These are the best bang for your buck coilover in the price range. BC racing has some of the best quality in the sub 1200 coilover market. They are packed full of features that make them fully adjustable and work great for both a daily driven streetcar that also doubles as a weekend track car. We even have dedicated track cars that run these very coilovers and are still competitive. Whether you are going to be hitting up a Autocross, SCCA road course, or a Local drift event these BC coilovers will hold up and give you exactly what you are after a great handling very controllable fast car.

BC Racing BR types are also popular for the daily driven stance crowd because they go lower then almost every other brand of coilover. While your car may not handle the best that low some people would rather have form over function. Either way you will be happy with these on your car. Some of their features that make them a great coilover are listed below. Check them out and if you have any questions please ask! We are always happy to help you pick the best setup for your needs. You can contact us through our live chat at the bottom of your screen or through email. We try to have someone on live chat from the time we open until well after we close, sometimes as late as midnight. So don't hesitate to ask a questions, we want you to know your getting great service and a great product.

Part number:D-107-BR

This Z33 BC coilover kit features a true rear coilover shock. The damper and spring are combined into a fully adjustable unit. The normal Z33 kit features a separate spring and shock setup for the rear.

Spring Rates:

Standard Kits: 12K Front, 5K Rear

Extreme low:14K Front,12K Rear

Custom spring rates are available. You can request custom spring rates by entering the rates you want in the special instructions box after clicking add to cart. Spring rates up to 18K are available in BC Springs. Rates higher than 18K will require Swift spring upgrade.

All extreme low kits, swift springs, and custom rates are considered custom builds and will have a lead time of 3-4 weeks before shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Colton H. (Cheyenne, US)
Great customer service!

Super quick shipping and great service overall!

Ailton G. (Land O' Lakes, US)
Great, work perfect

BC coilovers is the best swift spring work great 1000whp plus

Paul (Naperville, US)

Took 3 weeks to get here even during this virus!! Very satisfied and ride amazing, makes my z look good

Alex H. (Los Angeles, US)
Pretty dang neat

I don't know why I didn't buy these earlier. Finish and build quality are both equally amazing. Good ride quality, even for 18k springs. My only complaint is that they don't go as low as I had hoped, even with the extreme drop kit (but don't get me wrong, they will get you really fucking low if that's what you want). Picture was taken right after installation with all four corners maxed out.

Chris F. (Los Angeles, US)

Great coilovers couldn’t ask for anything better !