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Swift Springs Metric Coilover Springs 65mm ID

Brand: Swift Springs

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Swift Springs uses their own produced material that provides a much softer ride with much better handling characteristics. The material produced by Swift Springs is a proprietary steel alloy. It is created in order to maintain the most consistent spring rate throughout the stroke, allow the largest amount of stroke, provide high durability against loss of spring height, and keep the weight down. This provides the maximum in both comfort and handling in a spring. Their spring design involves fewer coils than other springs for a decrease in unsprung weight, and eliminates the chance of coil bind along with increasing the amount of usable stroke. Their metal used for the springs have a quick transient response to react to any road conditions and cause a much smoother ride instead of skipping over the surface. Swift Springs are great for street or competition use and can be tailored to nearly any vehicle or purpose. They provide the most in both performance and comfort possible which makes them an ideal solution for those going coilovers that still want to retain additional comfort. Swift makes only springs which already speaks for itself when it comes to their knowledge and experience with spring manufacturing.



To order Swift Springs please select the options for Front or Rear, or Both. Then during checkout in the comment box please include your Vehicle make, model, and year. Also include the spring rates you would like to have. example below:

Year Make model : 2002 WRX

Standard or extreme low: Extreme low

Front spring rate : Front Rate 12K

Rear spring rate : Rear Rate 14K


Spring rates in swift can go from 4K to 40K and even numbers in between.

Make Model of Coilovers. 


Without this information your order may be delayed as we need to contact you for the information before we can process your order.

Swift Springs are sold in Pairs.




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Swift Spring Upgrade/ Customer Service
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