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02-07 Subaru WRX BC Coilovers - BR Type

Brand: BC Racing

Part number: F-02-BR

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  • $ 1,25000
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  • $ 99500
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Part Number: F-02-BR

The WRX BC coilovers are the perfect choice for comfortable street driving with enough adjust ability to make handling on the track competitive for weekend events or entry level racing. Thousands of WRX and STi owners have purchased and installed the BR series BC Coilover and the reviews are great. They are the perfect fit for the budget minded WRX owners wanting a high quality coilover that will ride great and provide plenty of adjustment and ride quality. BC coilovers are backed by a solid 1 year warranty. They also have support for replacement parts or rebuilding them here stateside. Even outside of your warranty you can always purchase new parts or even have them rebuilt for far less then the cost of replacing the entire setup.

BC Coilovers Feature easily accessible dampening adjustment knobs. The adjustments allow you to fine tune the rebound and compression dampening. There are 30 levels of adjustment so you can tune it for your particular needs.

Each set of BC Coilovers features height adjustments that are independent of spring adjustments. This means you can lower the car without affecting the suspensions actual travel. This feature allows you to also control your spring preload and help balance out the car as you become more serious in your suspension setup. 

Spring Rates:

8K front

6K Rear 

Custom spring rates are available.  You can request custom spring rates by entering the rates you want in the special instructions box after clicking add to cart.  Spring rates up to 18K are available in BC Springs. Rates higher than 18K will require Swift spring upgrade.  

All extreme low kits, swift springs, and custom rates are considered custom builds and will have a lead time of 3-4 weeks before shipping.

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Great service
Bc racing coilovers review
It looks like your order was shipped out within 1 business day of ordering. Since you only had a PO box address available we had to ship it via USPS which can be terribly slow or forget to notify you that it actually arrived at the post office. It looks like your local post office has horrible reviews for having packages delivered there and not notifying the box owners. I would check with your post office branch as it may be there in the back.

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